The story of how I got into photography is a pretty simple one. If you want to skip the rest of this section, it boils down to the fact that I got tired of taking bad pictures.I actually started out not liking photography. My dad was a great amateur photographer, and growing up, he would always be taking pictures…of me…All the time. We could barely take five steps on a vacation without stopping for a pose. I wasn’t much of a model, and as I was immature, I slowly developed a disdain for photography.

The story jumps ahead to senior year in high school, and I was travelling on our class trip to Eastern Europe. Its the first time I independantly operated a camera. I took a lot of pictures. It was back in the film day, so there was no way to see the shots until I got back home. Hundreds of pictures later, and several weeks later, I got back the results of that effort—All the pictures were horrible. Terrible composition, underexposed, unintentional motion blur, out of focus. At that point I thought it was confirmed…I was just no good at photography.

College, postgrad, and the majority of Medical school went by. Pics were getting slightly better, but thats probably because the advent of digital photography. I could just delete all the photos that didn’t come out. And the automatic settings usually got a descent shot, but nothing spectacular.

It was by my senior year in medical school, where the shutterbug finally bit me…and it got me good. I think it may have been somewhere in Australia. I really enjoyed scuba diving as a hobby, and I wanted to make sure I got good pics of the fish, sharks, etc. So I started trying, and actually gave an honest effort to taking a good photo. And the ball started rolling at that point.

Several months later, I bought my first DSLR – the Canon EOS Rebel XT. A couple of thousand shots later, with the help of flickr,few books, and a newfound passion, things have come around full circle…like my dad, I’m now a photagrapher…constantly trying the earn the adjective – great.