Burst, originally uploaded by DevalJoshi.

So right around sunset, I heard a noise eruptiing outside that sounded like machine guns. I went outside to check, and there were fireworks going on. I had no idea for what occasion, but they were there. I didn’t have a tripod available on hand, but I wanted to capture a relatively long exposure(1/3 second).

So, I put my Canon 40D on rapid fire mode at 6.5 fps(adjusted of course for the 1/3second exposure make up for the lack of a tripod. I went through about 200 exposures in a matter of minutes.

I deleted all but four of them…the other 196 didn’t matter at all …because I got the four that I wanted. It just goes to show there’s no such thing as wasted “film” only wasted opportunities.

Due to its popularity, I added the photo to the Urban section of my Gallery

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