Understanding Exposure, originally uploaded by Dshalock the Libertarian Emperor.

So where do you start if you want to learn photography…This is probably THE single best book for a beginner photographer. Its an easy read, with lots of pictures. Basically its an experienced photographer going through step-by- step what exposure settings he uses to create different photos.

Just as a caveat, it helps if you have a digital SLR, old SLR film camera, or a point and shoot which you can choose manual settings. Reading about photography without being able to immediately go out an try it for yourself is low yield in my opinion…and it won’t make too much sense.

So if you’ve just bought your first SLR and are just starting to lean, congratulations, skip the dvds, go pick up this book, and it will help you go from [corny catchphrase]photodud to photostud[/corny catchphrase]…

Its got a 5-star rating from Barnes and Noble’s buyers, and I’d give it the same.

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