Seema and I got  a chance to take a mini vacation last weekend. Seema’s friend, Shanil, was getting married in Old San Jaun, Puerto Rico. As we were packing our bags, we clearly had two different ideas in our mind of what the weekend would look like. She was thinking, rest, relaxation, pool, wedding, and friends, and maybe checking out old san jaun. I was thinking dining, catching a sunset, exploring, beach, streets of san jaun, forts, pool, wedding, party, arecebo, the bacardi factory, and more things than could fit on your average american oversized plate. Perhaps my days as a fellow confined to the walls of clinic or the hospital create a desire for me to have “experience overload.” She gets to get her travel bug fumigated by driving down to Tampa and seeing her friends weekly.

I had a feeling even with some comprimise, it would be difficult to attain a balance. But as is the way of life, I let events unfurl, and I think we were both pleasantly suprised.

Day 0

We get to the airport…Just to hit a travel delay of 4 hours. Well that automatically chopped my list in half, and made our lists a little more even. The weather was overcast, with occasional drizzle…That axed the pool and my sunset. We ended up getting in at the hotel around 5 oclock instead of 2 oclock.  We instead got to have a fantastic dinner with some of seema’s friends at a latasian(making up words here – latin-asian fusion.) and well regarded seafood restaurant. It was fun traveling with couples. A few of them were early risers and offered to start the day early to explore old san jaun and the streets  with me so I could leave seema alone in peace.


Day 1

I got up early and met up with some of the early risers. And I let seema sleep. Let it go on the record, I let seema sleep. We got some cafe and mallorcas and proceeded through the streets and on to the forts. Beautiful morning. Even though I live in Florida, I no longer live by the water, so there is something just rejueventing to see it, smell it, and feel it again. After having my fill of cobblestone streets, forts, markets, and shaved ice, I went back to the hotel to meet up with Seema. Seema’s morning went just as she wanted it to(or at least that is my male interpretation of it). She had coffe with a friend and got a chance to relax and catch up. No forts, no sweating, no hectic pace.  Then spend time getting ready for the wedding, which we were on time for.

The wedding was held in an old church in Old San Juan. Shanil and Corey looked like they were enjoying themselves. It was relatively short by Indian standards, but very sweet. We hopped on a cab to the reception with good food, live puerto rican music, and good coffee(I’m not sure when or if I’m really into coffee, but while in rome…). The hallmark moment in my mind of the reception was when the videographer,dj, or whatever he was wanted to do the Wedding Harlem Shake. Harlem Shake, for readers reading this 20 years from now(or potentially for those that didn’t catch on to the one hit wonder.), is the new gangam style for a few months. I’m not even sure what the original video looked like, but in short, its a bunch of people flailing their arms like they are mentally impaired chimpanzees to music. Its actually kind of fun to do. I suggest you try it if you haven’t. Party(check). Tired, exhausted, and ready to sleep, check.

Day 2

After grabbing breakfast, we both realized we wish we had a later flight to go around and explore a little more. I think after seema was rested, the idea of exploring became an intriguing idea. Note to self and future self. Make sure seema is well rested before any vacation to ensure maximum exploring desire.  We had an uneventful trip on our way home, and both had a chance to have and eat our cake.

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