Well no how-to for this session. Week after week with being hammered by work and everything else in life, Seema and I finally had a chance to have a weekend escape. When life is busy, weekend escapes seem to be chicken soup for the soul. We went to Ravi’s Engagement party. By engagement parties, it was on the scale of wedding with the details and level of elaboration they went through. The best is that Ravi decided to rent a couple of boats with airtubes in tow for for the wedding party to tool around for in the afternoon before the party. What a blast. The warm Atlantic water, the great Florida sun kept at bay by the awning. This was followed by some hotel relaxation, some speeches, dancing, and hot tub. Although we’re locals as Floridians, and this wasn’t a wedding per se, this is what I would imagine a destination wedding to be like. It gave a chance for the guests to enjoy without a demanding or stressful schedule at all.

I also let myself go and gave the camera to someone else(for a short time) so I could enjoy…an important lesson for photographers…don’t miss out on being a part of important things by always being behind the lens.

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