Mojo Deval Dinesh Joshi is getting his first haircut. His father(ahem me) has let his hair grow long and matted enough to be one of Bob Marley’s Wailers. In custom Brahman tradition, the first haircut is considered a holy rite of passage. Mojo, being a hindu dog was subjected to such rite of passage, much to his unhappiness. It started off with a little prayer, and out came the scissors. My family was there on the other end of Skype watching the webcast ceremony chanting slokas that date back thousands of years which helped set the mood right—Little mojo didn’t seem to care an ounce about the slokas, but wasn’t happy that he actually had to stay still for more than a nanosecond. The little munchkin did great, staying almost still for the full hour it took to cut his little dreadlocks. Away with his hair came memories of his puppydom. He hasn’t changed much as

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