For the title of the post, I’m not referring to umm babymaking, but breathing life into a city. I love Tampa for a lot of reasons other than its a vibrant, lively city. Ask anyone who has lived here long enough. Walking through downtown after 5pm is asking for the tumbleweeds to blow by. Tampa hasn’t been doing the best since the recession hit, and I’m certainly not qualified to be mayor of this town, but
I figure in order to breathe money into the city, you need to create life. The downtown area is bustling during business hours, and somedays I wish I could take off to hang out downtown during lunch hour.  Even the weekends are quiet. Well change happens, and its slow, but sure to come. First they built the channelside area which has a heartbeat of its own. Recently they opened the Curtis-Hixon Waterfront Park with a two museums to boot in efforts to create a little life. Go Tampa. Using the good ole pirate as advertising, The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts kicked off this weekend, with a load of local and distant artists flooding the park.

Art is expensive, and understandingly so given that so many of these talented folks focus on this full time. As another year goes by and another art festival goes by, I again cannot afford art, so I’ll just have to resign in trying to make some. I hope even in the days that I can afford art, I’ll still be able to make some on my own. I’ll stick with my photos for now.

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