The fourth year of the Gasparilla International Film Festival has kicked off this year. Its a time of year where all Tampa tribeca-ites come together in their leather jackets to celebrate films. Unfortunately I didn’t have a leather jacket to join the party, but I did bring my love for films. Thanks to Seema, we got into all the VIP events, got to meet a lot of actors, directors, and such. While I’m not necessarily big on rubbing elbows with the stars, it was nice to meet a lot of dreamers–film directors, actors, producers who love their craft and are hoping to make it big someday…takes a lot of guts.  How often do you get to watch a movie, and then ask the director questions? Depends on how often you go to film festivals I suppose. The opening film, happythankyoumoreplease was a nice little indie from Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother which I think has a great chance at commercial success. I also got to satisfy my shutterbug by taking a camera into the historic Tampa theater and taking pictures(which is otherwise a restricted area as I understand). Above is one of the many cool statues in the historic theater.

Here are some more from the Tampa Theater:

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