There are probably many pirate festivals around the world. Gasparilla is Tampa’s pirate festival—and boy do they do it right. I’m not gonna waste too much time explaining what Gasparilla is, but in a sentence, its Pirate Festival mixed with Mardi Gras. Although the parade does have Krewe’s throwing beads from floats, my favorite part is the bead throwing of a flotilla of 1000 ships invading Tampa Bay. Helen of Troy would have been impressed. A typical Gasparilla includes an early brunch in South Tampa at which time many the Grog starts flowing…People usually then head to the Invasion which the aforementioned 1000 or boats come an reenact the founding of Tampa bay by pirates. The day has many possibilities(all of which include alcohol), but folks usually head down to Parade. This year, the wind and rain threatened to ruin the day, but it sure as heck didn’t stop the Pirates. Its definitely one of my favorite weekends in Tampa, and one which will probably lead me to return to town in the future.

Ye Old Krewe of Bubbies

In other news, Seema is off to India for three weeks, leaving a bachelor pad with me and the three dogs. So far we’ve managed to hold the fort down, but its only the first day. She ended up getting an Android Phone. Being an iPhone owner for the past two years gave me a lot of perspective on smart phones. The Android which initially felt slightly less refined in user interface as the iPhone,but quickly grew on me. Knowing that it is an open source OS was refreshing, and I started feeling the confinement that the iPhone OS always had, but I never noticed. The first promising sign was when I went to look for the airplane mode for Seema’s upcoming trip. The default airplane mode turned every antenna off in the phone, slightly annoying considering that I wanted Seema to have wi-fi access wherever she was in India, without worrying about accruing voice or data charges…Well someone decided to write a program to customize airplane mode, and a few seconds later, Seema had a handheld wifi only access device. Score one for open source. The program selection is pretty impressive with the best apps for the iphone already written for android os. I’ll say the apple library is still larger and better, but hopefully with google’s strongarm position in the tech world, that paradigm with be shifting. There is even a simple program to sync your itunes account into the android phone.
Most importantly, this opened my eyes to an iPhone free world. A world without AT&T, which is on the top of my official “world’s crappiest service” list. Apple’s recent decision to stick it out with AT&T may spell the beginning of the end of the untarnished fruit. Much in the way that Microsoft lost its popularity with a reputation for bugginess and crashes 10 years ago, and much in the way that all things very popular are brought back down to earth eventually, Apple may fall as well. Don’t even get me started on the iPad…

cheers for now

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