Well, it always seems like a lot has happened since the last blog post. Previously that meant within a matter a of months, but my last blog post was only last week.

Dog Army

Little Mojo is doing fantastic. Watching him figure out the details of his environment, play with his brothers, and just be plain cute all the time is an absolute privilege. He is one smart puppy. Its been wonderful to see him bring out the playfulness in Snickers and Nick. Now all of them play for hours on end like a little gang. They are getting quite famous in the neighborhood and people are starting to recognize and give a pleasant smile to the army of Yorkies following me. He is getting better as far as potty training goes, but its still an adventure.

Birthday Extravaganza

So my birthday is tomorrow, but Seema went all out for a Birthday Extravaganza weekend. First on Friday night she took me out to Six Tables which is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been too. The restaurant only has six tables(actually seven), and there is only one dining time. Your waiter is your chef who personalizes a 6 course gourmet meal just for you. What a memorable experience. If that wasn’t enough, she threw me a surprise dinner party at my favorite Italian restaurant in Tampa, Vino et Pasta. How all out did she go — to my surprise, my chairman was there sitting at the table. I was fortunate enough to have people come and celebrate with me.

Was this a special number birthday–perhaps I can stretch to say the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday…the number doesn’t stand out as much as the fact that I had someone plan a weekend that made me very very happy which meant more to me that I can even come to terms with.

As far as photos are coming, they are slowly coming along, with fairly regular weekly updates to my flickr stream. I found a photo tool that helps me reorganize my photostream in chronological order, which has made developing photos in any order a valid option. Be sure to check out Happier Photos. You can change the upload date to the date taken which is such a neat tool.

As far as my google calendars, its is still going strong. I found a way to add my favorite tv shows to it. Check out this website for the details

As far as the photo above, it jumped to my most interesting photo on flickr. A little background about it; I took it in San Fransisco while walking around at sunset near Fisherman’s Wharf. I knew that the moment I saw the exposure on the camera, it was gonna be one of my favorite photos. Now that I think about it, most of my favorite photos were realized at the moment of exposure versus rescued photos in post-processing. I definitely think that post-processing can rescue a dud, but nothing is as good as a well captured frame.

cheers for now


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