The weeks have flown by and it seems like a lot has happened. After a little introspection by internal and external forces, I’ve deemed that my efficiency has become pretty low at getting simple things done. The new year always brings a sense of renewal and rebirth, so I figured the rebirth of a new and efficient me wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

As a child I was always motivated by to-do and check lists. I’ve used planners with repeated failure as they were always difficult to maintain, find, or unwieldy to enter/cross off things. This year, I’ve discovered the use of Google Calendars. Not to sound like a pubescent kid, but OMG, holy schnitzel its awesome. It takes a few seconds to enter things/tasks into the calendar. You can share calendars with friends with Google calendar, and you can just plain organize your life. Its accessible anywhere the internet is. Not to do a feature review, but I’ve added American and Indian Holiday calendars, Real Madrid and Barcelona’s play schedule, synced up with a few friends. I check it a few times a day, and its a nice reminder.

Now whats to say that I will not use after a while. I think the wiser side of me says that the failing point of all task lists and schedules is when the task list becomes too demanding…too large for one’s efficient appetite. I decided to really spread things out and allow longer time for tasks that I hate doing, or will take me a while to do.

As far as the photo above, I took that at Fort De Soto with my 100mm 2.8L IS macro lens. A Little post in lightroom helped bring out the features. It was taken in low contrast mid-day lighting, which shows that post-processing can really rescue a photo.


cheers for now

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