Well I’m back in Tampa, waiting a few days for Mojo and the rest of the clan to arrive. Funny story this morning. I had mojo wait inside the bathroom as I was taking a shower. I left the shower door slightly propped so he could maintain a visual on me. He was freaking out trying to get to me. He tried to pole-vault himself over and over. He started howling in his little high-pitched puppy voice. I felt sorry for him. I really wanted to pick him up, but at the same time I really wanted him to be at ease knowing that I was only a foot away. I compromised and took a quick shower. I have a feeling that crate training is gonna be tougher on me watching him cry.

Mojo has been chasing around his big brothers much to their chagrin. Nicki has at least started sharing his bed with him, but I have a feeling Snickers is just hoping this is a temporary guest. He’ll get used to Mojo with time, but its gonna be interesting watching that story unfold

cheers for now

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