My first 48 hours with Mojo show some exponential growth…not size wise, but mentally. He’s as smart as they get. On a minute-to-minute basis you can almost imagine the neuronal connections expanding. His brain is the ultimate pathfinder. Within one or two tries, he’s learned to go up and down the stairs, and escape out of any situation. We haven’t bought a crate for him yet, and won’t until we get back to Tampa, so we’ve set up a makeshift fortress of solitude out of pillows and boxes, quite like the forts we made during childhood. Apparently my fortbuilding skills from childhood couldn’t prevent a 2lb 14 oz puppy from escaping 4 times! He’s like the ultimate security hacker, as he systematically found every flaw we came up. He didn’t do so well sleeping last night by himself and wanted to sleep with me, so I caved in and let him. I guess we’ll have to leave crate training until next week.

He still gets motion sick, something I hope time will be able to cure.

cheers for now, getting ready for christmas eve which should be filled with watching movies, eating food, and the ultimate salsa making showdown.

cheers for now

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