Today is a momentous day, but it took me a while to realize it. It oddly started out at the airport after a draining day of traveling. We landed at the airport shortly before midnight in Detroit, Michigan on 12/21/2009. Snickers and Nicki, our two little yorkshire terriers were cooped up in a car or plane since 2:30 in the afternoon, and I was proud of their little iron bladders with a 0-accident rate. As soon as we got off the plane, I took them outside and saw them urinate a half-gallon each with a big sigh of relief that radiated a few blocks around them as it happened. The day followed with a 2 hour journey to Saginaw, Michigan. I didn’t even realize by this point how momentous today was gonna be as my head hit the comfy pillow.

Seema and I simultaneously woke up at 11 this morning, a momentous occasion in itself. She then shortly announced a message that I knew but didn’t acknowledge until this moment:We’re going to pick up Mojo. Mojo Joshi that is.
Mojo Joshi
Mojo is a 2 lb 14oz Yorkshire Terrier born on September 30th, 2009 to Gracie (Mum’s Angel Grace) and Humphry (Sheldon’s Sir Humphry). Today is his first day with us. This is my first puppy. The hours since the announcement have felt like decades of waiting. Seema is excited but too tired to show it, and I’ve got no idea how she can so cooly wait for the moment that we meet him. We left the house at 7:06pm to pick him up. I spent a good part of the day reading our yorkie handbook, figuring out ways to get him potty trained. Its funny how we worry about peeing and pooping at all extreme ages of life. Snick and Nick have absolutely no idea that they are getting a baby brother.

I’ve got a new responsibility, something I’ve been adding steadily as the year has gone by. Before it was just me, my family, and my patients. In June I added a senior resident schedule and 3 more souls to the roster, my girlfriend Seema, and her two little angel yorkies, Snickers and Nicki. Now Mojo

The decision to get a third usually gets a startled look from everyone. My mom was utterly surprised, but eventually delighted(I think). Seema’s mom was surprised but not that surprised knowing the summation of our combined insanity. I’ve always wanted to form a bond with a dog as a puppy, something that was skipped from childhood onwards. Now is my time, and with Seema’s guidance hopefully it will be a little easier than the monumental and rewarding task of raising a puppy.

After a few stops, we drove through the boondocks in a town where the streets have no name. just kidding, thats a U2 song. The streets had names, but the town only had one street light. Hope had arrived as our car headlamp hit a sign slated “Jackie’s Yorkies.” I got a little nervous as we pulled into her driveway. Would he like us? I dragged my photography gear, a couple of bags, and nicki, who managed to not find a way up the stairs by himself. Nicki has the ultimate pathfinding origin. If he can’t find a way directly in a straight line, he will exude his cuteness until the point he is picked up. Snick had run ahead with Seema into the door. She was there a minute before me and I heard the elated shout, mojo, mojo, mojo. That was followed by an orchestra of 100 barks from another 10 yorkies running around. When I walked in, my only thought was which one was mojo. I knew it the moment I saw him scurry and scamper around. The tiny black and gold yorkie. He ran up to me jumped into my lap and started licking me. A good start indeed. Then his puppy attention span kicked in and he ran off to play with his mom, sister, and cousins. We spent a good hour or so there. I was soaking up watching all the puppies play togehter, trying to get pictures, but was more engrossed in making sure I got a good mental picture of the moment. Seema paid attention to “minor” details of how,when, and what to feed Mojo.

After a long goodbye, we left for home. I kept him in his basket in my lap. He threw up. Apparently he has motion sickness. We introduced him to seema’s family. It was so fun watching him figure out the house, pacing back and forth, introducing himself to everyone. I thought he was avoiding me for a while as he went to everyone but me. He followed his uncle Kapil everywhere. It was towards the end of the evening, when we were all sitting on the kitchen floor just talking, when Mojo came crawling in my lap and fell asleep there. What a warm feeling.

He fell asleep pretty easily, and slept through the night more or less. Seema swears he woke up a lot, but I don’t exactly remember it that way. Perhaps because I was sleeping through the night, but I checked on him a couple of times. The other boys were snuggled in our arms quite comfortably as well. Snickers hasn’t exactly warmed up to mojo yet, but he’s treating him more with indifference for now. Nicki has played a little with mojo, but has upped his cuteness factor lest we forget him.

Well thats it for now. I have a feeling that the blog will actually be updated more with more puppy adventures.

Until this point, I’ve kept the blog mostly photographic in nature. I don’t intend to stop that philosophy at all, so I’ll have to give you tips on photographing little moving objects such as puppies.

Cheers for now.

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