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Well I’ve got a good link for Canon Users that will make the link list.
Have you ever wanted to know what the shutter count on your camera is. The knowledge is very useful especially if you are considering buying a used camera. The shutter count is the un-official lifespan of a DSLR. Each camera’s shutter is rated to certain number of actuations. Statistically the average shutter may end up failing once it hits that number of actuations. Newer cameras are rated above 50k usually in the 100k range.

Buying a used camera near its shutter life is a bit risky, and will give you leverage of lowering price significantly on the camera.


So check your shutter count out when you have a moment.
I’m flying out to a surgical course in Ft. Worth this weekend. Not looking forward to the 100+ degree heat, but I am looking forward to some good eats hopefully. Camera as extra appendage of course.

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